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Emily Burden St.Mabyn
Burden ladies St.mabyn
Ellen Wilton St.Mabyn
The Burden Ladies St.Mabyn
Wedding of Harold & Annie Chapman 1925
Ellen Wilton Kelly Park

Emily Burden born 1871 St.Mabyn

St. Mabyn carnival
  Mrs Batten, Eddie Batten and Mary Batten with Joe and Ted Zemaitis
Carrie and Harry Scott
St.Mabyn carnival
Carnival Queen
Wedding of WilliamTrethewy & Violet Wilton
Billy, Beryl, Alma, Stan and Geof Masters.
carnival queen 1950's

Village Hall event 1952 Jackie SCott and Mary Batten...

Fred Thomas
Ladies tug o' war team 1999
Fred Thomas postman
  Eric Rundle lived in St Mabyn from 1938 -1947 at Hillcrest, his father had it built next to the cycle shop across the road from Mr Hoskins yard with his steam engine.  
Men's tug o' war team1999