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  The parochial school was founded by a deed of grant dated October 1 1845. The site was given by Lord Falmouth on July 31st 1846. The land was part of the manor of Trevisquite within the parish of St Mabyn. The building work was completed in 1846 at a total cost of £445. The walls of the School cottage were built with stone from Treblethick quarry. In March 1897 there was a meeting regarding the enlargement of the school buildings and in April 1897 a 3d in the pound rate was levied for a year to fund the building.

June 1897 a tender from A.Hamley for £155-10s for the masonry was accepted by school committee.
February 1898 Miss Giles was engaged as an additional teacher at a salary of £18. In March 1898 Mrs Edith May was appointed at a salary of £25 a year.
1898 the playground and the road outside were leveled.
1899 the H.M.Inspectors report of the higher classes was so unsatisfactory that the committee felt bound to ask Miss Giles to resign *January 1900 Mr and Mrs Giles were given 3 months notice to quit.
January 1900 Mrs A. Hamley was paid one shilling a week for cleaning the school.
February 1900 Miss Lucy Lee was appointed as an additional teacher at £30 a year.
March 1900 Mr Reid was engaged as Master at £60 a year and Mrs Reid paid £10 a year as sewing Mistress.
January 1901 Mrs Rowe agreed to light three fires 5 days a week for 6d a week. Miss Reid was engaged as a pupil teacher.
1902 Agnes Menhenick was appointed as a probationer at £1 a year


This is the school log book from 1871 it records all the admissions, absences, and details of all aspects of the day to day running of the school. To view some pages from the log book click here:

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